Eight O Eight - Civil War



Data: 20 Aprilie 2024, 22:00 Sâmbătă


808 attendees really like that(like that)
Steppin' in the party if you like that(like that)
Pop another bottle if you like that (like that)
With all these rap beefs going on out there, we are getting ready for a civil war. From Kendrick's lyrical prowess joining team Future & Metro to Drake's chart-toppers and J Cole's claim to be the Muhammad Ali of the big 3 the debate on who’s the GOAT might rage on for some time and while the world is picking sides, we at 808 celebrate them all. Join us on Saturday, 4/20 at ATU Club for an epic showdown featuring the greatest hits from the titans of hip-hop.

Purchasing the ticket implies the participant's consent for photos and videos taken during the event to be used for promoting future events by the event organizers.

Please note that this event is exclusively for those aged 18 and above.

DISCLAIMER: Artists in the event graphics are used ONLY to highlight the musical style of Eight o Eight. They are NOT affiliated, will NOT perform live and will NOT be present at our event!



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