Data: 15 Iunie 2024, 20:00 Sâmbătă
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Evenimentul:NEW DISORDER together with HANGING AROUND
Începutul evenimentului:15 Iunie 2024, 20:00


Bright neon lights are shining on the 15th of June and we hope to make you move under their light as we pay homage to the sounds of the late 70s and 80s in a night imbued with nostalgia and summer air.
Together with us we have our friends, Hanging Around, a dynamic musical DJ duo, composed of Mihu and Silv, two artists with an insatiable passion for spinning and selecting groovy and dark music . For over 15 years, they have been creating unforgettable experiences for music lovers across the country.
Mihu, with his unique approach to music, incorporates a vast array of grooves, beats, and melodies that are sure to get any crowd moving. With a deep understanding of rhythm and an ear for sound, Mihu has earned a reputation for his electrifying DJ sets that are always full of surprises, while Silv, on the other hand, is the darker counterpart of the duo, bringing an edgy and brooding energy to the table. Her love for new-wave, synth and dark wave is apparent in every selection she creates.
_We start at: 20:00
_Artist support: 30 RON

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