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Tipul: Bar, Club, Teatru
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Lun - Dum:09:00 - 01:00

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Telefon: 0788 452 485 , 021 313 8606
Adresa: Bucureşti, Sector 1, Calea Victoriei, nr. 120


Jazz & blues club · Performing arts · Festival

Jazz&theatre-café / cultural hub / live concerts and acting performances (off-off Broadway). Others cultural and artistic events. A good Bistro. A bohemian summer garden :)

only for cultural/artistic events, info: +40 788 452 485
for bookings, feel free to e-mail us:
only for café & bistro reservations: +40 751 772 275
Green Hours is the „oldest” jazz café - and probably the most respected independent theatre - in Romania. Since 1994, every week, our club hosts jazz, blues, electric, alternative music evenings and, since 1997, besides all that, theatrical shows (off-off Broadway kind of...).
Jazz and blues concerts in Green Hours brought on stage, in front of a fine and devoted public, representative Romanian names as: Johnny Răducanu, Harry Tavitian, A.G. Weinberger, Lucian Ban (now living in New York), Vlaicu Golcea, Mircea Tiberian, Luiza Zan, Maria Raducanu, A.C. Leonte, Sorin Romanescu, Michael Acker etc. and important musicians from all over the world: Nik Baertsch’ Ronin, Jurg Solothurnmann (Switzerland), Ferdi Schukking (Netherlands), Astillero (Mexico), Leszek Mozdzer, Marcin Wassilievsky, Paweł Kaczmarczyk (Poland), Zohar Fresco, Omer Klein Quartet and Harold Rubin Quartet (Israel), Mat Maneri, Alex Harding, Chris Toffield, Steve Clarke, Brad Jones, Sam Newsome, (all from USA), Wolfgang Muthspiel, Ulrich Drechsler (Austria), Nils Petter Molvaer, Christian Wallumrød (Norway), Phronesis (DK-UK), Lars Danielsson (Sweden) etc…etc.
Green Records (the only record label born in a club) is an independent jazz & alternative music label running at Green Hours jazz-café since 1998, aiming and contributing to the larger jazz & quality music acceptance and ultimately at getting recognition for it from both the public and the musical market. The first Green Records production – the album “CHANGES - live at Green Hours” was in the same time the first jazz album recorded live in Romania. Since then, we have produced (till 2020), another 18 albums… and we try to keep on walking…
Since 2008, Green Hours has initiated the first and only international festival in a Romanian club: Green Hours JAZZ Fest. We've managed to keep on going its XII-th (& pandemic) edition in September 2020, together with our 27th Anniversary. You can find on our website more info and past programs:
120, Calea Victoriei (Bucharest, Romania)

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