Jazz Literar



Data: 19 Septembrie 2023, 20:00 Marți


After its debut in June, our Jazz Literar series of events continues with yet another journey into live readings and music,
Tuesday, September 19.

Event Highlights:

Mitos Micleusanu's Readings: Mitos Micleusanu, a literary luminary known for his evocative storytelling, will transport you to distant worlds and inner landscapes with his carefully chosen literary selections. His eloquent voice and profound interpretations will leave you spellbound.
Albert Tajti's Piano Magic: Albert Tajti, a virtuoso of the piano, will provide the perfect musical backdrop to complement the readings, as well as providing a deep introspection into his piano jazz compositions.
Intimate Jazzbook Club Atmosphere: Nestled in the heart of Cotroceni, Jazzbook Club offers an intimate and cozy setting where you can immerse yourself in the artistry of both words and music. The warm ambiance and candlelit tables create the perfect environment for an evening of sophistication and relaxation.
A Fusion of Artistic Expression: Jazz Literar brings together two forms of artistic expression – literature and jazz – in a seamless blend that transcends genres and offers a unique cultural experience.
Ticket Information:

General Admission: 80 Lei



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